Thank you for visiting my website. I have recently retired and moved back to the US. Please contact one of my colleagues for counseling support.

Khun Piyachat Finney is a US licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She sees clients during the week and on weekends. Her office is on Asoke. She can be reached at 089 782-1764 or by email: creative_healing@yahoo.com

Jane Upperton is British/ Australian is a social worker who specialized in grief counseling, solution focused and both individual and couple’s therapy. She also has mediation training. She can be reached at 081 946-7364 or by email: jupperton@me.com

Erin Larsen, LCSW- she is American and her cell phone number is 092-554-9271 and her email is: ferinlarsen@gmail.com

I hope you find the support you are seeking!

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